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Diving & Maritime Medicals

We provide a range of maritime and diving medical services from routine medical examinations and certifications to expert dive-specific health advice. 

Dr John Aiken specialises in Diving Medicine. He is qualified and certified for both recreational and commercial dive medicals, and is also qualified to certify Maritime Medicals.

Recreational & Commercial Divers

If you are a recreational diver or someone who wishes to start diving, Dr Aiken can advise you on diving-related medical concerns and help you with an assessment of fitness. The purpose of this assessment is to quantify the risk for the diver, his diving team, instructor, training organisation or employer.

Dr Aiken can also provide you with information and/or treatment for diving related conditions like sea sickness, ear clearing difficulty, decompression illness and dysbaric osteonecrosis, a serious disease of the bone that can be caused by exposure to hyperbaric conditions.

Seafarers Medical Certificates

Maritime NZ is the only New Zealand administration able to certify New Zealand seafarer certificates. Any other organisation’s maritime certification documents for New Zealand are invalid.

Dr John Aiken is a registered examiner for Maritime New Zealand. As well as the Standard Seafarers Medical, Dr Aiken can also complete Ring-Fenced Maritime mMedicals.

For STCW or STCW-F (aligned) certificates of competency or proficiency, only a registered medical practitioner who is approved by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) may conduct medical examinations and issue STCW certificates of medical fitness.

If you are seeking a renewal of your Seafarers Medical, please call us to book well in advance to ensure that you are able to get this organised in time.

How to book

If you have any questions or would like to book for either a Diving Medical or a Maritime Medical, please email us on admin@deestreet.co.nz with the following details:

  • Date of Birth

  • Address

  • Full name

  • Mobile number

  • Information on the medical you are requiring.

Please be aware that dive-related medicals are longer and more in depth than a standard consultation, therefore charged at a different price.