Covid 19 Update 9th April 2020

There have been no changes to procedures and ways in which we practice since our last update.

We all remain in level 4 lock-down. There has been some tentative promise in the numbers of cases within NZ, which has flattened over the last few days.

We have become increasingly concerned that you may be leaving health complaints until the last minute because you don’t want to bother your doctor during this time!

Can we assure you we are open, we have empty appointments and we are here to help you….

Please call us with any concerns and we will do our best to consult with you over the phone or if required to see you in person.

We don’t want our community to leave try to ignore their physical or mental health concerns and be worse off when we all come out of lock-down.

Flu vaccinations are available for eligible patients and will be open to the general public after the end of April (a directive from the Ministry of Health).

With Easter approaching may we wish you all a safe and restful time within your bubble and hope that you are all coping ok during this difficult time.

If you are struggling with things please again contact us and do check out this excellent web page 
Top Tips to get through.

We thank you again for all of your support and once again we are here for you.

Photo by Mish Vizesi on Unsplash