Shopping Tips

We know that shopping and other essential activities are causing high anxiety amongst the community.  Please read the article in the links below and be assured with some sensible safety measures you can significantly reduce your risk.Shopping

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Think about the order in which you go about things and go slowly
  • Don’t touch your face when out and about
  • Clean surfaces that others may have touched (products, garden gate, letterbox ect)
  • Leave non-essential products/packages/groceries for a few days out of reach
  • Oh and wash your hands again (soap and water for 20 seconds and or hand sanitiser

It is also important to remember that this virus survives on SURFACES….one of the key reasons that our parks are closed.

We are a very active practice and are blessed to be situated here in this magical place so it is lovely to see many people are enjoying the neighbourhood.

It is a blessing and we can be friendlier than ever to one another but please remember:

  • avoid touching railings, benches etc 
  • always be respectful of the 2 meter bubble
  • we are not to travel significant distances for activity
  • please avoid high risk (of injury) activities 
  • (WEAR HELMETS on your bicycles)
  • If an area is congested avoid it please, there is time to head out later
  •  This time is not a holiday, this time is about you looking after yourselves as best you can and staying safe and well

Please remember that our whole medical centre is our bubble! As we continue to provide our essential services please understand that we need to be able to trust that you are not breaking your bubble or allowing in any uncertainty around your contacts. Please keep an eye on our website for update around our services.