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Despite our time constraints, the strength of general practice is the relationship that we build up over time, and the knowledge that goes with that. To get the best advantage from this it helps if you can see the same doctor most times you visit. We call that "continuity of care".

General practice is time constrained. We allow between 10-15 minutes for each consultation. This means we can't deal properly with a long list of problems. In most instances you should expect that we can deal with only one or two problems at a single consultation. We do offer a double appointment, but the way the government subsidy works means you only get a single appointment subsidised per day.

Two hours’ notice of cancellation of your appointment is required and if you do not arrive at your selected appointment time a fee will apply.

It is cheaper to make a second appointment on a separate day than to make a double.

Despite our time constraints, the strength of general practice is the relationship that we build up over time, and the knowledge that goes with that. To get the best advantage from this it helps if you can see the same doctor most times you visit. We call that "continuity of care".

If you would like to see your doctor for a consultation, please contact one of our helpful receptionists who will make an appointment for you. Telephone advice is another possibility, but when the doctors and nurses are busy with other patients, we will ask you to please leave a message. The nurse will phone you back as soon as they are available to answer your queries as a prompt response to your needs. Clear communication is very important at Dee Street Medical Centre.

We endeavour to contact each patient with their results. However if you have not heard from us one week after the test is taken please ring and speak to a nurse.

We operate a recall system which allows health programmes to reach those who need them the most. We will automatically and confidentially notify you if you are eligible for preventative programmes such as cervical screening and immunisation.

Specialty Services

At Dee Street, we carry out a full range of medical examinations for life insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, driver’s licences and divers medicals. When you make an appointment for one of these examinations, please tell the receptionist so time can be allocated appropriately.

We are equipped to handle many forms of minor surgery, including removal of moles and skin cancers, vasectomies, mirena insertions, hormonal implants and ingrown toenails. These are all prolonged procedures and will need a separate appointment following an initial assessment visit.

Dee Street Medical Centre has the equipment and ability to carry out minor surgery.

Dr John Aiken specialises in Diving Medicine. He is qualified and certified for both recreational and commercial dive medicals. Dr Aiken is also qualified to certify Maritime Medicals.

If you are a recreational diver or someone who wishes to start diving, Dr Aiken can advise you on diving related medical concerns and help you with an assessment of fitness. The purpose of this assessment is to quantify the risk for the diver, his diving team, instructor, training
organisation or employer.

Dr Aiken can also provide you with information and/or treatment for diving related conditions like sea sickness, ear clearing difficulty, decompression illness and dysbaric osteonecrosis, a serious disease of the bone that can be caused by exposure to hyperbaric conditions.

Mirena is a reliable, reversible birth control system. It’s a T-shaped intrauterine system (IUS) which, after insertion, releases the hormone levonorgestrel into the womb. Besides protecting you from pregnancy, Mirena makes your periods lighter and shorter.

It is more effective than copper intrauterine devices (IUD’s) or oral contraceptives like the pill. In the treatment of excessive menstrual bleeding, it causes reduction within three months after insertion and some users don’t menstruate at all.

Mirena offers protection against pregnancy for five years, after which the IUS has to be removed. Mirena can be removed at any time by your GP at Dee Street Medical Centre. Removal is usually quick and painless.

There are some cases in which Mirena should not be used. Your doctor will discuss this and all other options with you, which enables you to make a decision on contraception that is right for you.

A vasectomy is a simple, safe and effective surgical procedure and an effective method of birth control. The operation doesn’t change anything physically, except sperm count in your semen. Vasectomies don’t change who you are or how you feel about sex or anything else. All it does is prevent pregnancies.

Although in some cases it is possible to surgically reverse a vasectomy, it should be considered to be a permanent procedure. The operation takes 20 to 30 minutes and can be performed by your GP at Dee Street Medical Centre under local anaesthetic. Doctor John Aiken specialises in the modern, ‘no-scalpel’ vasectomy, a procedure he has carried out frequently over the last 10 years.

Recovery from a vasectomy varies from individual to individual. If done on Friday, men can normally expect to be back at work on Monday. Most men experience three days of mild discomfort. Only a very small number of men experience more severe side affects. Your doctor will discuss this and all other possibilities with you before operating, to make sure you’ll make a decision that is right for you.

If you intend to travel overseas, you might need immunisations to protect yourself against diseases like hepatitis A, polio, typhoid and others.  Book an appointment with your Doctor to discuss your requirements at least six weeks prior to your travel.

Some countries require proof of vaccination against certain diseases before they will allow you entry. The requirements change according to the status of outbreaks.

Not all overseas travel requires vaccinations, but if you travel to high risk destinations like Africa, India, Central and South America and parts of Asia, it’s recommended to talk to your doctor well in advance of your trip. Especially if you are planning to travel to rural areas, go backpacking, hitchhiking or tramping, it’s advisable to check with your doctor about the necessary travel vaccinations.

Some vaccines require a course of several injections for full immunity and even single vaccines need to be given at least a fortnight before travel.

Home Visits & After Hour Care

Home Visits can be arranged when needed for those whose circumstances prevent them from attending the surgery. However, it is preferable if you can make it to the Medical Centre where we have much more specialised equipment available and all your medical background information.

After Hours Care is provided by phoning us on 575 4057 where your call will be triaged by a nurse.