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Kia Ora, Welcome everyone to our winter newsletter, and welcome to some new team members:

Nursing: Tyler,

Healthcare assistant: Paige,

Reception: Stephanie and Anya

GP: Dr Harry Faulls

Dr Lara Cunneen has returned from maternity leave

The cold snap is a bit of a shock to our systems, coughs and colds are on the rise, and many have been unwell.

Car Park exams continue for anyone with respiratory symptoms, i.e. Cough, runny nose, sore throat and ears.

PLEASE REMEMBER OUR STRICT POLICY to keep patients and staff safe and to reduce the spread of infection. Please drive round the back of the building, following the yellow arrows. Park in a Doctor marked car park, under the veranda on rainy days, or beside the building and phone reception, 07 5754057.

INFLUENZA VACCINE is available in clinic until December. Influenza is not just a bad cold – it can be serious and can kill. Around 1.2 million kiwis get influenza immunisation yearly. Immunisation prepares your immune system to fight influenza.

You cannot get influenza from the Influenza vaccine. Immunisation is FREE for those most at risk.

Flu vaccine is free for all over 65year olds and for others with chronic conditions, talk to us to see if you qualify for a free Vaccine.

COVID VACCINE: These are available for those over 55 years of age currently and those under 65 with certain conditions. Please visit the website www.covid19.govt.nz for guidance.


The Ministry of Health has clarified which underlying health conditions create eligibility for the Covid-19 vaccine under Group 3 – please visit the website for guidance.

PH: 0800 829 000 or visit www.covid19.govt.nz to book your vaccination, you will be advised, based on where you live, to the nearest vaccination centre.

MANAGE MY HEALTH (MMH) Have you registered for Manage My Health yet? Do you have an email address, if so then Manage My Health will allow you to book appointments online, request repeat prescriptions and view your test results online securely. Talk to reception to register. This service is free of charge.

MMH TIP- If you are registered, please take care when booking an appointment that you have the correct day and date before confirming. 

If you would like a Telephone Consultation, please write in the Note Section.

FEES INCREASE as of the 1st of July 2021 there has been a fee increase.

CHEQUES: As of 27th August 2021, we will be unable to accept any cheques, as ASB will stop processing them then. Please talk to us for alternate methods of payment.

WEBSITE- Ordering repeat prescriptions via our website does NOT work, please register for MMH (Manage my Health) or order through our prescription line 5754057 and press 2.

PES Patient Experience survey, thanks to those for taking the time to complete a survey when invited too. It is important for us to hear your views and ensure that we provide quality care.

TEACHING PRACTICE: thank you for your patience and understanding when we have student Doctors and Nurses – “knowledge shared is knowledge gained”

PHONE CALLS: Due to the high volume of phone calls to the nurse, please ensure that you answer your phone when called back and thank you for your patience with this system.

SKIN CHECKS: Winter is the ideal time to book in for a skin check with your doctor. A mole or spot that’s different from the others – or that is changing, itchy bleeds, scaly, get it checked, as skin cancer can be serious. Phone Reception to book.

ST JOHN friendship Would you like a Caring Caller? If you’re living alone, or you’re housebound due to illness or disability, you can contact St John about getting a Caring Caller. We try to pair you up with a volunteer whose personality and interests match yours. Caring Callers might not yet be available in your area, but always ask us – we love a challenge. Unlike some services for the elderly, Caring Caller is free of charge. Enquire now on 0800 000 606 Monday – Sunday 7am – 7pm

HEALTHY BODY – HEALTHY MIND Lifestyle factors that keep your heart healthy and reduce type 2 diabetes risk, can also protect your brain.

  • Load up on veges, cut back on fats and get smart with carbs. At mealtimes, aim for your plate to be at least half filled with vegetables of many colours. Choose foods that will give you a slower, sustained release of energy such as food high in fibre
  • Move more and in different ways
  • Watch your waistline. As weight creeps up, so does insulin resistance. If you are overweight, losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight can greatly improve your sensitivity to insulin.
  • Make more time for sleep. Aim for at least 7-8 hours sleep nightly to help your body and mind recover.
  • Take charge and keep cool. Address your stress, find out about calming practices such as slow breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. Try excursions in nature, go to the beach or bush.

Noho ora Mai – stay safe