Covid Red

Update 25th March 2020

  • As we all prepare to go into Level 4 lockdown throughout New Zealand from 11:59 pm tonight we want to reassure you we are open! The focus remains on PHONE consults to try to reduce the spread of the virus.

  • We thank all of you for phoning first and your support and patience as we implement the changes we have had to make.

  • People who are unwell and require face to face appointments will get them but this needs to be organised by our doctors first. We can reassure you that if you are unwell you will still receive medical attention in a timely way.

  • We have clear guidelines and advice for those with clinical symptoms suggesting coronavirus so please still aim to contact us during our working hours to discuss your concerns.

  • Flu vaccinations for those eligible continue and we have taken measures to keep you safe, please contact us regarding this.

  • We are aiming to defer some tests or procedures until a time of more safety for the community. We may stretch out laboratory tests, such as those monitoring INRs for patients on warfarin. Again we want to avoid patients also attending pathlabs if at all possible.

  •  This is our best chance to contain Corona virus so PLEASE STICK TO THE STRICT LOCKDOWN MEASURES check out if in any doubt and clarify uncertainties with our team

May you all stay safe and know that we are here for you,
The Team at Dee Street Medical